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New Birmingham Nipple Reconstruction in With Immediate Return to Normal Life

Birmingham, Alabama Breast cancer patients now have an option for nipple reconstruction that enables them to return to normal activities immediately after! Alabama breast reconstruction specialist, Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. has introduced this to his patients three years ago. "We have well over 100 women who have successfully had this reconstruction and the results are better than any …

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A woman smiles after receiving dermal fillers to treat her gummy smile.

Fuller Cheeks, No Surgery: Introducing Dermal Fillers

The cheeks are the defining structures of a youthful face. With aging, the soft tissues move to the lower face, vacating the area and creating the flat appearance of aging. Up until recently, cheek augmentation was accomplished through surgery. Now, board-certified plastic surgeon Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. offers cheek augmentation through a series of facial …

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Birmingham Permanent Cosmetics: the First in America!

Birmingham plastic surgeon Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. and members of his staff have been the first in the United States to be certified in Birmingham permanent make up by world renowned cosmetic tattooist Andrea Darby. Ms Darby, from Melbourne Australia,  spent 6 full days training and certifying the Alabama Plastic surgeon practice of Dr. Beckenstein in …

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Alabama Permanent Make up: The Right Way

Alabama Plastic Surgeon, Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. has just brought Alabama permanent make up to new heights. By becoming the first site, in the United States, to be certified in cosmetic tattooing, by world renowned cosmetic tattooist Andrea Darby. Ms.Darby has developed and refined techniques in cosmetic tattooing. She has developed a rigorous and comprehensive training program …

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Alabama Plastic Surgeon Introduces the Women of Wounded Warriors

" I have met several wounded veterans and their spouses or significant others. Not only am I in awe of these true heroes, I have also admired the women around these courageous men. I have seen these women live up at Walter Reed medical center in Bethesda for a year or two helping their loved …

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Alabama Breast Cancer Cooperative: Where Have You Been!

A new approach to the treatment of breast cancer has arisen in Birmingham Alabama. Plastic surgeon Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. has launched this new concept as a cooperative.My approach differs from the common Comprehensive breast cancer centers that just about every institution has. The word institution is the key here as they act and treat patients …

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Looking for subjects for free Scalp MicroPigmentation SMP

Birmingham plastic surgeon, Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. is looking for participants to introduce scalp micro pigmentation to Alabama. As part of his contribution to revolutionizing Alabama hair replacement with Neograft, he is now going to offer scalp micro pigmentation.   Dr. Beckenstein states " Alabama Neograft is offering Scalp Hair Follicle Tattoo Simulation or SHFTS which …

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Nipple Sparing : A New and Exciting Era of Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction is Here!

Alabama Breast reconstruction specialist Michael S. Beckenstein is pleased to introduce the concept of Nipple Sparing mastectomy with reconstruction. While he has been performing it for several years, he has teamed up with noted oncologic breast surgeon Dr. Susan Winchester, of Birmingham Breast Care, to perform this in tandem. These two surgeons have worked together for …

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SHFST is coming to Alabama, is coming to America

Birmingham Neograft is excited to announce we have started the intensive training in SHFST Scalp Hair Follicle Simulation Tattoo, A trademarked technique, by world renowned tattoo artist Andrea Darby, that creates the appearance of a buzzed haircut. It is achieved through meticulous tattooing simulating hair follicles on the scalp. It can create a full "head …

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