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Micro-Needling: Combining Ancient Principles and New Technology to Reach New Heights

I am excited to have added a new technique to my Alabama plastic surgery practice known as micro-needling. This technique applies the latest technology to the ancient Far East, practice of acupuncture. Micro needling uses numerous small needles to penetrate ever so slightly into the skin's surface which causes a mild inflammatory response. This stimulates the release …

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Being There for My Patients!

I recently saw a patient who came to me from another practice who had questions about some minor issues pertaining to an Alabama breast augmentation. What really troubled her was the fact that her surgeon, nor representatives from the practice were not available to answer her after hours concerns She stated the phone number she called, that …

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Low Level Laser Therapy the Latest Technology for Hair Restoration

Alabama hair restoration continues to be revolutionized by Birmingham Neograft. Introduced by Birmingham plastic surgeon, Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D., low level laser therapy is extremely effective in treating hair loss in Alabama. " I am pleased to bring this latest technology into my Birmingham hair replacement practice. It is a legitimate treatment option and by …

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Can Dermal Filler Injections Improve Lower Eyelids?

Early signs of aging in the lower eyelids occur when soft tissue starts migrating down the cheek. You can sometimes camouflage the hollow appearance that results with highlighting makeup. At some point, though, makeup isn't enough, and injections of RADIESSE® or other dermal fillers at our Birmingham, Alabama, practice are needed to restore the volume …

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