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What Do We say to A Woman With Breast Cancer?

Being October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I am going to share what I read in an article from Good Housekeeping written by Tula Karras. I have the privilege to meet and treat hundreds of courageous women confronting breast cancer.  This is why I founded the Alabama Breast Cancer Cooperative. I have devised ways to …

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Dr. Beckenstein Brings BRA Day USA 2017 Back to Birmingham!

Dr. Beckenstein brings BRA DAy USA 2017 back to Birmingham! "This is our 4th consecutive year celebrating BRA DAy USA" states Dr. Beckenstein. " It stands for breast reconstruction awareness day and is celebrated to educate women, health care providers, and the public about the option of breast reconstruction following mastectomy or lumpectomy. it is celebrated on …

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Female to Male (FTM) TOP Surgery; the current obstacles we face

It seems whenever controversy abounds, surrounding anything, obstacles arise, seemingly more and more of them. This is true for FTM TOP surgery. Today I will discuss what I have titled female to Male (FTM) TOP surgery; the current obstacles we face. This procedure is becoming more and more popular as courageous people are now coming forward …

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