Breast Enlargement; catering to the “garden club, not the strip club”

Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. is a Birmingham, Alabama plastic surgeon who specializes in all types of breast surgery. We asked him about his approach to breast augmentation and about the current trends of women opting for smaller breast implants. He states” our mantra has always been; we cater to the garden club not the strip club.”

Q: We have read that women are opting for smaller breast implants what have you noticed?

” I have always been conservative with breast augmentation and have always used smaller implants. My patients know what I accomplish, by looking at my photo gallery, so I guess they come in with that preconceived notion. Current articles, meetings, and blogs seem to confirm that women are, in fact, choosing smaller implants. This might be a social/fashion trend, might be the demise of the “fake, augmented look” or a bit of both. ”

Q: What approach do you use during your consultation to find the right implants for a patient?

“I use an anatomic approach, where I use various measurements of the chest, breast, and torso. I listen to what relative size the patient is seeking to assist in choosing the devices. After measuring the dimensions the patient chooses when I displace her tissue in certain directions, I find a range of devices that should be sufficient. we then use the Crisalix VR 3D imaging system that allows the patient to see what she can look like with the implants in. It is a real cool system and looks like she is looking at herself in a mirror. She can compare various implants with this and make a better decision.”.

Q: Are you seeing more women seeking breast enhancement?

“Definitely, it is becoming a more frequently requested procedure. It is safe, affordable, and the results are very good! Women interested in breast augmentation need to seek out a qualified, board certified plastic surgeon as many non board certified physicians are performing these…be careful!”

if you would like to visit with Dr. Beckenstein to discuss Alabama breast enhancement contact him at 205-933-9308 or 1-866-MSBMD77.



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