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A woman who has had breast implants rests on her bed with her breast-fed infant.

Can I Breastfeed With Breast Implants? 

Whether a woman is thinking about getting breast augmentation at our Birmingham, AL, practice or already has breast implants, questions about their ability to breastfeed with breast implants are fairly common. In this blog post, I'll explain some factors to consider if you're going to breastfeed after getting breast augmentation surgery. It is important to …

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Crisalix 3D Imaging Enhances Breast Augmentation

For many women planning a breast augmentation at our Birmingham practice, choosing the right breast implant is an important decision. What size should you get? What shape should you choose? How far do you want your breast to project from your chest? Luckily, much of the guesswork is solved with Crisalix 3D imaging. What is …

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What Questions Should You Ask Before Breast Augmentation

Women who are interested in breast augmentation come to my Birmingham, Alabama, practice from Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and beyond having done varying levels of research. Some have taken pages of notes and have dozens of questions, while others are less prepared. I welcome questions and encourage women to ask as many as they can think …

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The Best in Breasts

I am excited to be one of the few plastic surgeons in Birmingham, AL who offers a superior breast implant: the Natrelle® 410 highly cohesive, anatomically shaped silicone implant, also known as a "gummy bear" implant. Why the "Gummy Bear" Name? "Gummy bear" is not an official name for these implants; it’s a nickname they’ve …

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Let’s Get Real About Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a very popular option for individuals who want to enhance their appearances, and Birmingham plastic surgery patients have a number of great options. However, it's important to maintain reasonable expectations about your results. My staff and I are committed to making sure each person is thoroughly educated about his or her procedure. We …

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How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

If you're researching the cost of breast augmentation in Alabama or anywhere in the U.S., you're likely finding a number of different price ranges. You'll find that many factors contribute to the variance in price, including where the practice is located. The cost for breast augmentation in Birmingham, AL, might be higher than in Montgomery …

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Birmingham Plastic Surgeon Provides Only Dedicated Personal Care…Always!

Imagine waking up, from surgery, and finding out a fellow or resident, who is training with your Birmingham plastic surgeon, actually performed your surgery. Without the presence of the plastic surgeon who you thought was to do the procedure! How would you feel, if you had a question, and when you called your Alabama plastic surgeon, you were …

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A Difference Between Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery? Part I

The terms "plastic" surgery and "cosmetic" surgery are often interchanged and confused. The field of plastic surgery, that performed by real board certified, plastic surgeons, used to be known as plastic and reconstructive surgery. The name was changed to further alleviate confusion in the field, intended to simplify things. With the evolution of" cosmetic surgeons", those …

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The recent FDA panel discussion has concluded that silicone gel implants are safe in that they do not cause cancer or connective tissue diseases. While they recommend continued patient follow up, these devices will remain available for Birmingham breast enhancement patients. Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D., an Alabama plastic surgeon, prefers silicone gel implants for his breast augmentation …

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Keeping Cosmetic Surgery in Birmingham Safe

All Cosmetic surgery procedures have associated complications including death. This is why you have to choose a safe plastic surgeon with good judgement. Recently, an excellent cosmetic surgeon ,in Birmingham, Alabama, performed an outpatient breast reduction on a healthy patient. This patient unfortunately passed away, at home, that evening, from a known complication. Appropriate precautions were taken to …

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