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Major universities and hospitals tout that they have Comprehensive Breast Centers. They say they offer all of the services women with breast cancer require. These centers usually offer screening, referrals to their physicians including oncologic surgeons, oncologists, and radiologists. There is usually a team of nurses and other employees to guide women throughout the entire …

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Fat Transfer in Breast Reconstruction

The use of performing liposuction and transferring the fat into the breast is becoming more commonplace. While still in it's infancy, the use of fat for breast enhancement can be performed safely and yield nice results  and is being used frequently in Birmingham breast reconstruction. As a Birmingham plastic surgeon I sometimes use this technique to augment breast …

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Your Options After Mastectomy

Women who have had a mastectomy typically experience positive emotions when they learn about breast reconstruction options. At my Alabama Breast Cancer Institute, we offer a comprehensive consultation to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding breast reconstruction in Alabama. I offer two different techniques for reconstructive surgery: …

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New Law, New Hope

A new law in New York that took effect January 1 requires that hospitals provide breast cancer patients undergoing mastectomies with reconstructive surgery information. As a Birmingham breast augmentation and reconstruction specialist, I am extremely pleased with this initiative. I have always been a strong believer in patient education. The best way to empower women …

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Who is Best Qualified to Perform Your Lumpectomy?

The most important aspect of a lumpectomy is to make sure the tumor is adequately resected and to minimize recurrence of the cancer. It is also important to have a nice aesthetic result as well. Both of these can be achieved with good pre-operative planning, technique, and surgeon experience. General surgeons have plenty of experience with …

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