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A woman smiles after receiving dermal fillers to treat her gummy smile.

6 Surprising Uses for BOTOX®

Are you self-conscious about smiling because it reveals more of your gums than your upper teeth? That's called a gummy smile and it's one of the many conditions effectively treated with BOTOX. Yes, BOTOX. The wrinkle-reducing injection is actually somewhat of a wonder drug that's used to treat multiple cosmetic and medical conditions. Even though …

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‘Liquid Facelift’: A Nonsurgical Path to a Youthful Look

The early signs of facial aging can be unsettling. As wrinkles and lines begin developing, you may want to somehow turn back the clock without undergoing cosmetic surgery. A liquid facelift that combines dermal fillers and BOTOX® at my Birmingham, Alabama practice could be the answer. There are many nonsurgical options available to replenish volume …

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