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Dr. Beckenstein Brings BRA Day USA 2017 Back to Birmingham!

Dr. Beckenstein brings BRA DAy USA 2017 back to Birmingham! "This is our 4th consecutive year celebrating BRA DAy USA" states Dr. Beckenstein. " It stands for breast reconstruction awareness day and is celebrated to educate women, health care providers, and the public about the option of breast reconstruction following mastectomy or lumpectomy. it is celebrated on …

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You Can Ask for Your Own Breast Reconstruction

Did you know you can ask for your own breast reconstruction? You can chose any surgeon you want and any option available to you! You do not have to have that choice made by your general or breast surgeon. If this surgeon recommends a reconstructive surgeon for you and you want to use another, you simply …

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USA Today Discusses Cosmetic Surgery Patient Safety

The term Cosmetic Surgeon has become a very generic title and is now being used by many physicians that are not even true surgeons. There is a family practitioner who has no certification, in any surgical field, who is performing breast augmentations, in Birmingham, Alabama with fat transfer! He has no appreciation for the anatomy of …

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Board Certification Protects Patients

The case of Peter Normann is a great example of why patients must be educated and carefully check into the qualifications of a surgeon they are considering for cosmetic surgery.  These events can occur with Birmingham plastic surgery, as the state of Alabama is rather lax in the regulation of cosmetic surgery. Those calling themselves "board certified cosmetic surgeons" can …

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Fat Transfer in Breast Reconstruction

The use of performing liposuction and transferring the fat into the breast is becoming more commonplace. While still in it's infancy, the use of fat for breast enhancement can be performed safely and yield nice results  and is being used frequently in Birmingham breast reconstruction. As a Birmingham plastic surgeon I sometimes use this technique to augment breast …

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