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Tummy Tuck in Birmingham: Myths Dispelled

I was making my rounds Thursday morning and overheard two gynecologists talking about a patient we operated on stating how "bad" a tummy tuck is, especially when added to a hysterectomy. This is a huge misperception leading to this blog titled Tummy Tuck in Birmingham: Myths Dispelled. As in any surgery, it is dependent on …

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Arrives in Alabama

Platelet Rich Plasma uses a patient's own platelets and fibrin products from their own blood to rejuvenate skin and soft tissue, improve graft survival, and heal soft tissue injury. Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. an Alabama cosmetic surgeon has introduced this into his Birmingham plastic surgery practice. "PRP has a lot of uses and benefits. It …

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Just Because It is an Easy Procedure Doesn’t Mean it is Easy to Perform!

Patients are consumers and must be wary when choosing a surgeon to perform ANY procedure on them. This is especially true with cosmetic or aesthetic surgeries. With the current economic trends in medicine, physicians are seeking ways to increase their revenue. Many are stepping over into the cosmetic realm and offering procedures they can perform in …

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See Your Procedure in 3-D

Many of my patients travel for plastic surgery from areas such as Huntsville or Tuscaloosa. Before they come to Birmingham for plastic surgery, many of them learn about their procedures by watching 3-D animations on our website. These videos provide detailed information about the surgery process, from pre-operative preparation to results. The realistic animations provide …

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Board Certification Protects Patients

The case of Peter Normann is a great example of why patients must be educated and carefully check into the qualifications of a surgeon they are considering for cosmetic surgery.  These events can occur with Birmingham plastic surgery, as the state of Alabama is rather lax in the regulation of cosmetic surgery. Those calling themselves "board certified cosmetic surgeons" can …

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