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Real Microneedling is now in Birmingham

Real microneedling is now in Birmingham, Alabama. The popular device known as Dermapen TM has made the ancient concept of microneedling well known to cosmetic practices. Microneedling techniques use small needles to penetrate the epithelial layer of the skin which loosens the mosaic like cells and enable topical agents to penetrate deeper into the skin. These agents …

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Certification needs an important word in front…BOARD!

The word Certification is derived from the latin certificare which means to attest or realiably endorse, it is used when a course of study is completed. In plastic, aesthetic or  Birmingham cosmetic surgery, certification is important. The same holds true for any physician who is offering NON-INVASIVE COSMETIC PROCEDURES such as injectable fillers, neurotoxins such as …

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Micro Needling with The Dermapen a Nice Addition to my Practice

I am always seeking ways to improve and expand my Birmingham Cosmetic surgery practice; Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D.. By constantly researching new, effective , and safe techniques and technology, I can offer my patients better services and better results. I have recently been researching micro needling which is based on ancient principles. Small needle punctures are …

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Micro-Needling: Combining Ancient Principles and New Technology to Reach New Heights

I am excited to have added a new technique to my Alabama plastic surgery practice known as micro-needling. This technique applies the latest technology to the ancient Far East, practice of acupuncture. Micro needling uses numerous small needles to penetrate ever so slightly into the skin's surface which causes a mild inflammatory response. This stimulates the release …

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