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Stem Cells Stem Cells Stem Cells!!!!!

When asked about the latest trend in rejuvenation of the face, hair and body, Birmingham plastic surgeon, Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. responded " Stem Cells Stem Cells Stem Cells!" He added " These are the latest innovation to be applied to many aspects of my practice. I first introduced them to Alabama 4 years ago, …

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What’s up with Nanofat?

What's up with Nanofat? What is this? These are questions we have asked Birmingham, Alabama plastic surgeon Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. We have heard  some things about nanofat and knew has been the first in Alabam to perform this, so we decided to ask him. " Nanofat is a more refined fat graft that is …

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PRP Comes to Birmingham Plastic Surgery!

Platelet rich plasma, often called PRP, has arrived in cutting-edge plastic surgery practices. I introduced PRP into my practice in 2013. We first started using PRP for hair restoration to help Birmingham, Alabama, patients treat thinning hair and saw its amazing effects. We now have extended the use of PRP for other cosmetic purposes, including: Rejuvenating skin …

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Only Cosmetic Stem Cell Therapy in Alabama

Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. a Birmingham, Alabama, plastic surgeon is the offering the only cosmetic stem cell therapy in Alabama. He first brought this latest therapy to his T3 hair restoration practice and has been successfully using this to treat hair loss in men and women. Stem cell therapy is gaining popularity in all fields …

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PRP and Stem Cell Therapy at Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D.

Did you know there is now PRP and Stem Cell therapy at Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. plastic surgery practice? This exciting therapy has been used in his Alabama hair restoration practice T3, but is now available for all aspects of his Birmingham cosmetic surgery practice. PRP and stem cell therapy uses your body's own cells and …

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