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Does a Tummy Tuck with Gynecologic Procedures Makes Sense!

Women often ponder having cosmetic procedures but are hesistant to actually undergo surgery. What many don't think about is if the situation arises where a medically necessary procedure is needed, they can inquire about having a cosmetic procedure at the same time. If the procedures are gynecologic, in my opinion, it makes perfect sense to entertain indergoing aprofedure like a tummy …

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Who is Best Qualified to Perform Your Lumpectomy?

The most important aspect of a lumpectomy is to make sure the tumor is adequately resected and to minimize recurrence of the cancer. It is also important to have a nice aesthetic result as well. Both of these can be achieved with good pre-operative planning, technique, and surgeon experience. General surgeons have plenty of experience with …

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Several patients, during their intial consultations with me, in Birmingham, are fearful of silicone breast implants. They share, with me, many false impressions about these devices that create a tendency for them to choose saline implants. I offer them explanations, direct them to my website, and provide them with other sources of information to help educate them about these …

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