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I loved visiting with my patient 15 years after his FTM surgery!

I had the unique opportunity of having a gentleman, on who I performed Top surgery 15 years ago, visit with me. Not only was it great to see him and how he was doing ( he was in the process of undergoing genital reassignment in South Korea), how good he looked, how much he appreciated …

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7 Things to Know About FTM Top Surgery

There are 7 things to know about FTM Top surgery if you are seriously considering undergoing this process: ONE: While fairly obvious, a trans man must have completed all the medical, psychosocial, and legal requisites to undergo FTM Top surgery. Board certified plastic surgeons will not proceed until these are completed. While this might be …

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Female to Male (FTM) TOP Surgery; the current obstacles we face

It seems whenever controversy abounds, surrounding anything, obstacles arise, seemingly more and more of them. This is true for FTM TOP surgery. Today I will discuss what I have titled female to Male (FTM) TOP surgery; the current obstacles we face. This procedure is becoming more and more popular as courageous people are now coming forward …

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FTM top surgery has to be done right!

As with any surgery to alter appearance, FTM top surgery has to be done right. Birmingham, Alabama plastic surgeon, Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. stresses this; " I was recently watching an episode of Shameless and saw a trans actor who had FTM top surgery. This brave soul was in a shirtless scene and proudly displayed his masculinized which presented …

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