Cheek injections can improve the signs of early aging in lower eyelids

Early signs of aging in the lower eyelids occur when the soft tissue migrate downwards into the cheek. The result is a hollowing from the nasal area to the side of the cheek. These grooves can be camoflauged early on with highlighting make up. As they progress, make up is less effective and a mid face lift with or without a lower eyelid lift (Blepharoplasty) is necessary to restore the soft tissue of the cheek, improving these hollows and restoring a more youthful appearance to the lower eyelid region.

Birmingham, plastic surgeon Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. performs these injection using the long term  dermal filler Radiesse. He has been using this filler for over 9 years and was one of the first to use it in Alabama. “Patients are real pleased with the results and are ecstatic that they can stave off surgery for awhile”. Dr. Beckenstein cautions “it is not a replacement for the surgical procedures required to restore the soft tissue loss. It is a temporizing measure to delay the need for surgery.” He adds “Men and women can benefit from these injections at an earlier age way before surgery I warranted.”

The injections are performed in his Alabama plastic surgery office. Local anesthetic is mixed in with the filler so it is not painful. There is no aftercare and minimal bruising can occur and patients can return to work immediately after it is completed.


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