Why Choose Dr. Beckenstein For PRP Hair Restoration?

Hair transplant options in Birmingham, Alabama can yield very natural-looking results.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair restoration is a new therapy that can induce hair follicle regeneration. For patients wary of hair transplant, our Birmingham, Alabama practice’s PRP option is especially appealing.

PRP uses your own blood products as the therapeutic agents for regeneration. Platelets, which act as growth factors and transforming factors from your blood, will have no side effects after treatment, as they are generated from your own cells. PRP can be administered through direct injection or microneedling techniques. Several treatments over a few months can result in healthier, thicker hair shafts and possibly new follicle production.

But be aware: This is not a cure for baldness, but done to treat thinning hair. Who should you seek out for your hair restoration? In this blog post, we will discuss Dr. Beckenstein’s qualifications as a plastic surgeon in Birmingham and why you should consider him for your PRP hair restoration treatment.

When seeking a physician for hair loss treatment, it is important to find one with experience in treating thinning hair. You should seek a doctor who offers several hair loss therapies and options, as there are several medical practices that offer services and even specialize in treating thing hair. Dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and facial plastic surgeons are the more common board-certified physicians who have trained and completed residencies focused on treating hair loss.

There are a few physicians who devote their practices entirely to hair loss treatment, and these are the practices you should seek out. Unfortunately, with the economics of the healthcare industry, some doctors are branching out from what they have practiced for years, moving away from their treatments, and are offering treatments such as PRP therapies to the face and hair. They cannot perform such treatments in hospital facilities, so they usually build their own offices in which to operate. Though they may advertise themselves as board-certified physicians, they may not state which boards they are certified by, and they may not be as qualified as they sound. There are anesthesiologists, gynecologists, dentists, and others, who are offering these services. State medical boards do not protect you from this, you must ask the right questions about board certification and experience!

Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. is a board certified plastic surgeon who has core training in the treatment of hair loss and scalp reconstruction. he is also the founder of Birmingham Neograft, the innovative hair replacement system that revolutionized hair restoration in the area. He has introduced the Sunetics Low Level Laser Therapy system to hair loss treatment practices as well as PRP therapy. In his years of treating hair loss, he understands the conditions which cause it and what treatments are necessary to improve it. Dr. Beckenstein offers every option from shampoos and medicines to hair transplantation. PRP hair restoration, low-level laser therapy, and combinations of these two options make his practice a great choice for PRP for hair loss.

Dr. Beckenstein uses what he believes is the best technology for PRP hair regeneration. The Magellan PRP device concentrates significantly higher amounts of factors and creates two types of PRP. If microneedling is needed, Dr. Beckenstein uses a high-tech, high-speed motor device. He has tried the commonly used hand-held battery-operated devices, but found that they are not nearly as effective. The needles used have specific cartridges that conform to all angles, allowing for better penetration and distribution of the PRP. With his experience in hair replacement, Dr. Beckenstein knows the depth of where to inject the PRP to obtain the best penetration and highest quality results.

With his knowledge, training, innovation, and experience, Dr. Beckenstein is a great choice for your PRP hair loss therapy. His practice, which specializes in the treatment of hair loss, welcomes your inquiries online.

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