Stem Cells Stem Cells Stem Cells!!!!!

When asked about the latest trend in rejuvenation of the face, hair and body, Birmingham plastic surgeon, Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. responded ” Stem Cells Stem Cells Stem Cells!” He added ” These are the latest innovation to be applied to many aspects of my practice. I first introduced them to Alabama 4 years ago, when my T3 Hair Preservation practice used them successfully for hair restoration. Since then, I have used them to rejuvenate the face, treat scarring, radiation injury, and enhance facial aesthetics. These are a person’s own cells and not commercially prepared or synthesized products. Because of this, they are the safest application of these cells.”


Dr. Beckenstein harvests a patient’s stem cells with a syringe, taking a small amount of fat and processing it with his Healeon Centricyte system.  There is no scarring from this and the process takes less than 5 minutes! He is the only surgeon in Alabama with this technology and has mastered the learning curve with this process. ” We consistently process stem cell populations that are over 99% healthy, living cells. This is an incredible success rate”. The stem cells can be used in many areas, through simple injections. ” I have had great success in hair preservation therapy with results better than PRP. I have used them for facial and skin rejuvenation, healing radiated tissues and enhancing fat grafting techniques. They are a huge advancement in what I can do.”


The best thing about stem cells is their use in areas of the face that are difficult to treat like the bags and fine lines under the eyes. ” These areas are not well suited for the injectable filler materials available. You cannot inject them into these areas. But I can inject stem cells and fat micro grafts, or nanofat into them with nice improvements. The stem cells add success to this process.” If you are interested in this innovative therapy, with the surgeon who has mastered this process, please contact Dr. Beckenstein at 205-933-9308 or visit us online at or


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