The Importance of Questions

breast augmentation huntsville alWomen interested in breast augmentation come to my practice from areas such as Huntsville, AL, often having done varying levels of research. Some have taken pages of notes and have dozens of questions, while others are less prepared. I welcome questions and encourage women to ask as many as they can think of during their consultation and treatment planning process.

Cosmetic surgery affects your health, physical appearance, and emotional well-being — it’s a hugely important decision in any person’s life. A good plastic surgeon should take the time to put your mind at ease about every aspect of the surgical process.

Start with personal research before your meeting with a surgeon. For example, breast augmentation FAQ pages that can often be found on a surgeon’s or medical organization’s website are a great resource. These can answer your questions, spark new ones, and help you become familiar with the topic.

After some good research, you’ll be ready for the most important part of your learning process: your consultation, where you get the opportunity to have your specific, personal questions answered by a specialist. Take the time to glean as much information about the procedure as you can from the surgeon. The way the surgeon handles your questions will give you an idea of his or her bedside manner and knowledge. Plus, the more you know, the more confident and at ease you will feel heading into your procedure.

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