The non surgical way to youthfullness: the liquid facelift

Several of my earlier blogs have described what has been popularly coined the “Mommy Makeover”.  This grouping of procedures include a breast lift and or augmentation, abdominoplasty and liposuction.  All are surgical treatments aimed at correcting the remnants of childbirth, gravity, and time.  However, the beginning signs of aging to our faces can be just as distressing as those that occur to our bodies.  Most people will begin theorizing the affects of a face lift by pulling the skin tight on each side of their face as they begin to contemplate plastic surgery.  In reality,  the pull of gravity is not the significant factor that leads to sagging skin.  The natural process of losing bone, fat, and collagen from beneath the dermis is.

Fortunately, there are many non surgical options available to replenish volume, fill developing or existing lines and hollows without going beneath the knife. The liquid facelift is a series of injections of dermal fillers such as Radiesse, Sculptra and Juvederm that can give results very close to those of plastic surgery.  Each filler has it’s own attributes that work in their own way to specific areas of the face.

The liquid facelift can treat nearly any area of the face: marionette lines, jowls, thinning lips, cheek bone enhancement and more.  The advantages over other procedures include no down time, no need for general anesthesia or incisions, and can be performed in as little as 15 minutes in my office.  There is minimal discomfort as a numbing agent is included in the injection.  Minimal bruising and redness can be expected at the injection site.

pre post radiesse


A liquid facelift is considerably less expensive than a traditional facelift which can cost thousands and take weeks for recovery.  Finally, a gentle lift and naturally refreshed appearance can be achieved without the look of being “done”.

Nearly anyone in good general health is a candidate for this procedure.  Consultations are available in my office every day to discuss any procedure in detail.  I thank you for your interest in my  Birmingham plastic surgery practice and look forward to helping you to achieve your cosmetic goals.




















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