What’s up with Nanofat?

What’s up with Nanofat? What is this? These are questions we have asked Birmingham, Alabama plastic surgeon Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. We have heard  some things about nanofat and knew has been the first in Alabam to perform this, so we decided to ask him.

” Nanofat is a more refined fat graft that is specially prepared to inject into the face, hands, and neck to add volume. The stem cells that are present in these grafts assist in rejuvenation of the overlying skin” Dr. Beckenstein states. “The fat is easily harvested in the office under local anesthesia, simple injections. I use a microcannula to obtain the fat, this takes all of 5 minutes. We then carefully process the fat with a specialized series of graders that separate the fat cells from the connective tissue matrix. This creates a smooth injectable liquid containing the fats cells to inject. We also add PRP to this to assist in graft cell surviving and rejuvenation as well. We then place this into small syringes and use a fine needle to inject nanofat into the target areas. This can be the baggy areas under the lower eyelids, cheeks to augment volume, lips to plump them up, hands to add volume, and declage. These injections can replace the costly fillers commonly used, and can be permanent. They are also safe as we are using your own tissue!”.

When we asked who is a candidate for nanofat Dr. Beckenstein answered “Anyone who is demonstrating signs of facial aging, including baggy eyelids, sagging midface, hands that have lost fat with all the veins and tendon are showing. We can also use nanofat to reconstruct soft tissue defects anywhere. Anyone in their early 30’s and older can be excellent candidates for nanofat injections”.

Should you be interested in nanofat therapy visit Dr. Beckenstein at www.msbmd.com or contact him at 205-933-9308 (1-866-MSBMD77).

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