Only Cosmetic Stem Cell Therapy in Alabama

Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. a Birmingham, Alabama, plastic surgeon is the offering the only cosmetic stem cell therapy in Alabama. He first brought this latest therapy to his T3 hair restoration practice and has been successfully using this to treat hair loss in men and women. Stem cell therapy is gaining popularity in all fields of medicine especially orthopedics, cardiology, and regenerative medicine. Stem cells are being used to grow new cells and tissue like heart muscle cartilage, and other cells. Stem cells can build or regenerate new cells and tissues. Injecting them in and around surgical sites, such as tendon and ligament repairs helps create stronger repairs.

Stem cells can be found in bone marrow and fatty tissue. These cells can be easily harvested through needle aspiration. It is far easier and less painful to take these cells from fatty areas. “we are well versed in performing liposuction, and how we obtain this fat specimens are ridiculously easy” states Dr. Beckenstein. “We use tiny cannulas, just as we do for liposuction, but real small, for the amount of tissue we take. We need only a minimal amount to obtain the cells we need.” By using a highly specialized process, using incredible technology, true stem cells are concentrated into an injectable form. “In order to obtain real stem cells, an amazing, staged process is needed and we use the Healeon technology, which is safe, fast, and enable us to yield 99% viable cells”. Adds Dr. Beckenstein. ” these are real cells, there are many practices, and products that say they are stem cells, yet they are not! The patient must ask the right questions about this and obtain proof about what they are receiving”.

Stem cells can be injected into the scalp to regenerate hair follicles allowing them to create thicker hair shafts, which thickens one’s hair. T3 Hair Restoration is the first to introduce this to the southeast region and is seeing good success with this therapy. Stem cells can also be effective in regeneration of aging tissues such as skin and the underlying soft tissue. Injecting stem cells into these areas can create a more youthful, healthy appearance. ” while nothing is the fountain of youth” Dr. Beckenstein cautions, “this therapy can yield nice improvements for women and men alike.”

For those seeking information on this exciting, revolutionary therapy for Alabama hair restoration or aging skin, please visit us online at or, or contact us at 205-933-9322?1-866-MSBMD77.



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