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While there are many plastic surgeons in Birmingham, Montgomery, and Mobile, AL, there’s a reason so many people choose Dr. Michael Beckenstein. He has honed his craft over the last 20 years and is dedicated to creating exceptional, satisfying results in a warm, friendly environment. Read below to see honest reviews from some of his patients.

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[Reviewer chose not to leave a comment.]

[Reviewer chose not to leave a comment.]

I have been a patient of Dr. Beckenstein’s for over 15 years. He and all of his staff are ALWAYS available to answer questions and address any concerns. Very attentive to and intentional in determining the best care! I recommend them highly!

Dr Beckenstein worked wonders on my cousin her results are absolutely amazing. I had the pleasure of coming in with her and thos place was so well ran clean friendly just amazing.

very good staff and Doc excellent

Dr B did my extended tummy tuck with lipo and mr 5 years ago in 2017 on my bday Oct 30 2017. I'm type 1 diabetic and I'm shouting this at the top of my lungs. IF YOU WANT THE BEST TREATMENT BEST CARE BEFORE AND AFTER IF YOU WANT A FAMILY ENVIRONMENT DONT HESITATE DONT LOOK ANYWHERE ELSE BUT THEM. I'm scheduled Oct 31 2022 to have my breast reduction now and I know without a doubt I'm safe, i will get the best care before and after. I love you guys thank you for putting us first. ❤️ see ya soon again can't wait to get this off my chest🥳🤪

[Reviewer chose not to leave a comment.]

[Reviewer chose not to leave a comment.]

Everyone was so nice and welcoming!! Dr. Beckenstein answered all my questions and explained what the best options are for me. The only thing that was a negative is that I was expecting an email today with pricing and financing and I haven’t received it yet.

Great integrity, very knowledgeable, skillful and elite; I’ll say that about sums it up. I’m going to be honest, I work for a financial company myself.. With that being said, I always study about trading . To see what it’s about or not. I can admit.. I was a bit skeptical on you all’s courses at first. Being straight forward. For the price, I still took action and utilized the trading Packages you offer for my 22 yr old little sister’s personal Trading Account. I’d Amit.. That she received Quick results and now on her 2nd round. To have a ebook and the step by step letters to teach in the step-by-step directions. Much appreciated. my little sis make upto 13,000USD with just a minimum investment of 1000USD in just 7days of trading. If you wish to invest you can contact her via Email:[email protected] WhatsApp +1 (860) 351-3398

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