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Changes inevitably occur to women’s bodies over time, either after pregnancy and breastfeeding, significant weight fluctuations, or the aging process. To help women address these changes and feel more confident about their appearance, Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein performs a personalized combination of procedures called a mommy makeover at his Birmingham, AL, practice.

Mommy Makeover
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How Much Does a Mommy Makeover Cost in Birmingham, AL?

Because mommy makeovers vary widely in the procedures performed and surgical complexity, it’s difficult to provide a price without a consultation. While it is necessary to factor in cost when making a decision, Dr. Beckenstein encourages patients to consider a surgeon’s training and experience first and foremost.

The simplest way to choose a qualified plastic surgeon is to choose one who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. In addition, be sure to choose a surgeon who has performed many of these complex combination procedures because experience matters.

Ideal Mommy Makeover Candidates

As the name indicates, mommy makeovers are particularly popular among Alabama women from Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, and the Birmingham area who have had children. Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding can have a significant impact on the body, especially the breasts and tummy. You may be a good candidate for mommy makeover surgery if you are in good health, have realistic goals, and are at or near your target weight. A mommy makeover can provide a combination of the following improvements:

  • Replace lost breast volume
  • Tighten stretched skin on the breasts and tummy
  • Repair weakened abdominal muscles
  • Reduce stubborn pockets of fat
  • Enhance self-confidence

A top choice for mommy makeover surgery, Dr. Beckenstein will meet with you for a thorough consultation to explain your options. He performs a physical exam, talks with you about your concerns, and then develops a mommy makeover plan to fit your needs.

Mommy Makeover Procedure Options

While Dr. Beckenstein customizes each surgical plan to the patient’s unique needs and aesthetic goals, mommy makeovers typically include a combination of the following procedures for the breasts and body:

Rejuvenate Your Breasts

  • Breast augmentation fills out and reshapes the breasts with silicone or saline breast implants. You can choose this procedure to return your breasts to their pre-pregnancy size or to have the fuller breasts you have always wanted.
  • Breast lift, with or without implants, can reshape stretched or drooping breasts and areolas and create a more youthful look.
  • Breast reduction provides physical relief from overly large breasts while improving their shape. Dr. Beckenstein can also reduce and reshape enlarged areolas to give the breasts a more balanced look.

Rejuvenate Your Body

  • Tummy tuck can smooth and tighten lax skin on the tummy, flatten bulging abdominal muscles, and reshape your belly button. Dr. Beckenstein offers several versions of this procedure, such as a traditional tummy tuck and a mini tummy tuck.
  • Liposuction reduces areas of excess fat that remain after you get down near your pre-baby weight. Moms often choose this procedure to contour the waist, thighs, abdomen, and arms, among other areas.

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Your Mommy Makeover Surgery

Dr. Beckenstein typically performs mommy makeover procedures as outpatient surgery using general anesthesia. He can often complete a mommy makeover in 3.5 to 4 hours. This is an important milestone: Procedures that last more than 6 hours tend to have increased complications, and safety is of utmost importance.

Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

Dr. Beckenstein is a fellowship-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon whose extensive experience in breast enhancement, body contouring procedures, and reconstructive plastic surgery sets him apart.

Meet Dr. Beckenstein

Recovery After Mommy Makeover Surgery

Because Mommy Makeover surgery is a customized combination of procedures, recovery experiences vary widely. Regardless of the surgeries involved, however, you should have a loved one available to assist you with your needs after surgery and take over your normal household duties. This assistance allows you to rest and heal appropriately.

The following timeline provides additional recovery information for the most commonly included surgeries.

Tummy Tuck Recovery

  • 1st Week: Expect swelling and discomfort during the first week of recovery. This early post-op pain is temporary and can be managed with pain medication. Sleep in a recliner or on your back with your upper body elevated to protect your incisions. Movement promotes blood circulation, so get up frequently to take short walks around your house as soon as possible after surgery. You may have drains to reduce fluid buildup and will likely need to wear a compression garment during this time.
  • 1st Month: You will likely feel more like your usual self by the end of the first month, but most swelling will need a few more weeks to resolve enough to see your results. Most people return to nonstrenuous jobs after about 2 weeks and can resume no-impact exercise.
  • 6 Months: Nearly all swelling has diminished at this stage, although some swelling may linger for up to a year. Scars will begin fading and flattening at about 3 months after surgery and will continue to improve for up to 2 years. Despite these lingering effects, you should be able to see and enjoy your results fully. 

Liposuction Recovery

  • 1st Week: Recovery from liposuction is relatively simple. Most people can return to work and nonstrenuous activities within a few days to 1 week after surgery. You may experience some soreness in the initial days of recovery; many people easily manage this discomfort with over-the-counter pain relievers. Swelling is expected after the procedure, but wearing a compression garment reduces swelling, protects your treatment area, and helps the skin conform to your new shape.
  • 1st Month: Swelling and soreness are mostly resolved by the end of the first month. Most restrictions on your activities are lifted after about 4 to 6 weeks, although you may still need to limit the weight you lift.
  • 6 Months: Nearly all post-op aftereffects of surgery are gone, and you should thoroughly enjoy your results by the 6-month mark.

Breast Augmentation

  • 1st Week: Your breasts will feel sore and tight immediately after surgery. You can manage discomfort with pain medication and will wear a support bra to improve comfort and swelling. Most people return to work a week to 10 days after surgery.
  • 1st Month: You can resume driving as soon as you discontinue prescription pain medication and return to exercise about 4 to 6 weeks after surgery. As swelling abates and breast tissue relaxes, your breast implants will begin to settle into place. This “drop-and-fluff” process will take some time, gradually improving for 3 to 6 months.
  • 6 Months: Your breast implants have entirely settled into the breast pockets at this point, and changes in sensation will likely be resolved. This is a good time to shop for new bras and clothing to complement your new curves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of having a mommy makeover?

If you have more than one area you’d like to improve, there are several advantages to having your procedures performed together:

  • Multiple improvements with a single surgery
  • A single recovery period
  • Lower overall cost of surgery

Is a mommy makeover safe?

When performed by a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon, mommy makeover surgery is generally considered safe and has a successful track record. However, as with any surgical procedure, there are inherent risks, and individual outcomes can vary based on factors like overall health, surgical complexity, and postoperative care.

Should I postpone my mommy makeover until I’m done having children?

Plastic surgery will not impact your ability to carry a baby to term and deliver safely; however, mommy makeovers are a significant investment both physically and financially. A subsequent pregnancy will likely stretch out your breasts and abdominal area again, undoing the improvements from your surgery.

Is breast augmentation always part of a mommy makeover?

If you are not pleased with your breast size, an augmentation would be suggested. If you are happy with your breast size, an augmentation may not be necessary. A lift may be what you need if you want to change the shape, making your breasts more “perky.”

A Reputation Built on Results

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Dr. Beckenstein and his staff are wonderful!! They take care of you before, during and after surgery....
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How long after having a child should I get a mommy makeover?

Women should wait until they are finished having their children before proceeding with surgery. You should be finished with breastfeeding and as close to your ideal body weight as possible before plastic surgery. A minimum of 6 months to a year is a reasonable time frame to consider a mommy makeover. You must also consider the logistics of managing your family with the recovery time of these procedures. It is challenging caring for small children with the activity restrictions after surgery. Good logistical planning will ensure a smooth recovery period.

How painful is recovery from a mommy makeover?

Recovery from a mommy makeover can involve varying degrees of discomfort depending on the specific procedures performed and your pain tolerance. Pain, swelling, and tightness in the surgical area are common but are usually manageable with prescribed pain medications.

Is it worth it?

Most patients say the dramatic results and boost in self-confidence they gain after mommy makeover surgery are well worth the financial and time investment. Patients who’ve had the surgery give the procedure a 95% “worth it” rating on RealSelf.

What will the scars be like?

Scars are an inevitable part of any surgery, but Dr. Beckenstein uses surgical methods that ensure your incisions are in discreet locations. He will also give you aftercare instructions to help your scars heal quickly and be as inconspicuous as possible.

What’s the best way to keep the results from a mommy makeover?

Leading a healthy lifestyle can help you maintain a stable weight so you can keep enjoying your more attractive shape. This includes healthy diet and exercise regimens. Wearing a good support bra prevents the breast tissue from stretching, which could increase scarring. Good skin care is essential for maintaining your result, including moisturizing and prevention of sun damage.

If you would like to meet with Dr. Beckenstein in Birmingham and learn more about mommy makeover surgery, please request your comprehensive consultation online or feel free to speak with an office associate at (205) 933-9308.

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