Alabama Breast Cancer Cooperative: Where Have You Been!

Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

A new approach to the treatment of breast cancer has arisen in Birmingham Alabama. Plastic surgeon Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. has launched this new concept as a cooperative.My approach differs from the common Comprehensive breast cancer centers that just about every institution has. The word institution is the key here as they act and treat patients accordingly. One of my patients that came to us called her experience at one such place “an assault of the white coats”. He adds ” We offer outstanding, compassionate care using a personal, family style approach. We offer so many services on an intimate level by respected, experienced practitioners in their respective fields. We offer everything to effectively treat breast cancer, reconstruct the breasts, and to provide an unprecendented level of physical and emotional support for our women!”.

The Alabama Breast Cancer Cooperative prides itself on moving fast on obtaining a diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Beckenstein often obtains a diagnosis and has a woman’s treatment plan established within 72 hours of contact with the cooperative. ” I never want a woman stressing over the fear of breast cancer for prolonged periods, we work expeditiously to get our women to diagnostics fast!. If there is the unfortunate diagnosis of cancer we schedule visits with oncologic surgeons and myself within 24 hours to start the process. The support aspect of the cooperative engages our women immediately to alleviate the stress associated with this challenging event. This helps them out the most and we offer all of our services, throughout their entire experience to make this difficult process as calm as possible.” As one patient, who had a recurrence of her cancer and was initially treated elsewhere, stated after experiencing the cooperative “Where have you been!”

“We will continue to seek out additional services to offer our women to continue to make their experience with us a calm experience that when it is over is actually an uplifting experience for them.”


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