Alabama Hydration Therapy Lesson 2

Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

IV Therapy + BenefitsAlabama Hydration Therapy Lesson 2: This is part 2 of Dr. Beckenstein’s ongoing discussion of the Aqua Med IV hydration therapy he offers in his Birmingham plastic surgery practice. Iv therapy is a new, upcoming therapy option that is used to enhance wellness and to increase performance and recovery. This lesson will present the Ultimate Energy option.

Ultimate Energy contains Vitamin B complex (B1-B6) and vitamin B12. Amino acids are also added to this preparation. The combination of these can provide benefits for patients including:

  • enhance performance
  • improve mental focus
  • increase “energy levels”
  • enhance recovery from illness
  • assist with chronic fatigue

There is also an Ultimate Energy injection available that is comparable to the IV preparation. These preparations are approved by the FDA and dispensed by a certified pharmacy. Dr. Beckenstein’s staff is certified by Aqua Med IV to administer these therapies. If you are interested in hydration therapy please contact us at 205-933-9308 or visit us online at

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