Alabama Permanent Make up: The Right Way

Alabama Plastic Surgeon, Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. has just brought Alabama permanent make up to new heights. By becoming the first site, in the United States, to be certified in cosmetic tattooing, by world renowned cosmetic tattooist Andrea Darby. Ms.Darby has developed and refined techniques in cosmetic tattooing. She has developed a rigorous and comprehensive training program that selected sites can participate in. ” I contacted Ms. Darby last winter and inquired about a training arrangement. She had to do some research about me and my practice first, and then she said we were the type of practice that she would associate with. She is very selective, I have found out. I was honored when she informed me that another site in Birmingham approached her for training, but she turned them down” states Dr. Beckenstein. ” Our training first began with a 60 hours comprehensive online course which contained extensive teaching basic and advanced theories on tattooing, safety regimens, techniques, and most important corrections of poor results. We just completed a full 6 day training session here in Birmingham with Ms. Darby. It was an incredible experience for me and my staff.”

Dr Beckenstein and his staff have 5 members that were previously certified in permanent make up and have been offering these services for over 10 years. But they have never seen this level of expertise before and now are trained in these techniques. Genger Ferrell, the clinical coordinator for Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. stated ” This was an absolutely mind blowing and amazing experience. I thought I knew how to do these things and we were definitely getting good results for our patients, they are happy with what we do, but now I can’t wait to start doing what Andrea has shown me. We are now at a much higher level of what we used to be”.

Dr. Beckenstein’s practice offer all aspects of permanent cosmetics including Alabama permanent eyeliner, permanent eyebrows, lip tattooing, and complete scalp hair simulation (SHFST). ” We now can do it much better and will offer services in ways that others cannot, we are the first and only cosmetic tattoo site in the United States certified by Ms Darby. As I always promise, we will continue to improve in what we do and what we offer to our patients, in and out of the operating room!”

For those interested in receiving the latest and best practices in Birmingham permanent make up contact us at 1-866-MSBMD or 205-933-9308.

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