Alabama Plastic Surgeon Introduces the Women of Wounded Warriors

Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

I have met several wounded veterans and their spouses or significant others. Not only am I in awe of these true heroes, I have also admired the women around these courageous men. I have seen these women live up at Walter Reed medical center in Bethesda for a year or two helping their loved one through rehabilitation. These ladies sacrifice a lot for this and I feel they deserve something for their undying support.


I have operated on several of these women, gratis, for their incredible support to their hero and our country as well. In fact tomorrow, I am performing another series of procedures on a deserving candidate.

Alabama plastic surgeon Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. is introducing the WOMEN OF WOUNDED WARRIOR CAMPAIGN and is calling on his colleagues to seek out and assist these women in giving them something really nice that they deserve.

We have amazing support from the hospitals, anesthesia teams, implant representatives, and other sources. I am about to team up with another charitable organization that will enhance our abilities to expand this concept nationwide.

If you know of any women who are married or engaged to a wounded warrior and is interested in aesthetic surgery, please contact Dr. Beckenstein  [email protected].

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