Being There for My Patients!

Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

I recently saw a patient who came to me from another practice who had questions about some minor issues pertaining to an Alabama breast augmentation. What really troubled her was the fact that her surgeon, nor representatives from the practice were not available to answer her after hours concerns She stated the phone number she called, that received from the practice, simply directed her to “go to the nearest emergency room” if she believed there was an emergency! There was no access to anyone to answer her questions! I found that troublesome as I am ALWAYS available to answer any questions or address any issues with my patients, even when I am away. It is rare that my clinical staff will first answer phone inquiries while I take a vacation, but if my patients need me, I will contact them immediately. I now use an automated answering service that eliminates any human error that has been known to occur with current agencies. I receive direct calls to my smartphone, house, receive text messages and emails whenever a patient contacts me. There is even a recorded message from my patients to make sure I receive their call!

I always assure my patients that I am there for them at all times. I tell them “if you can’t take care of patients, don’t have any!”

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