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Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

Imagine waking up, from surgery, and finding out a fellow or resident, who is training with your Birmingham plastic surgeon, actually performed your surgery. Without the presence of the plastic surgeon who you thought was to do the procedure! How would you feel, if you had a question, and when you called your Alabama plastic surgeon, you were speaking with the doctor in training? Would you not want your surgery and and all of your care being rendered by the surgeon you chose to entrust your care with? Be careful when choosing a surgeon to see if he/she has doctors tarining under them. Make sure these doctors only observe or assist in part of your surgery and not performing the majority of, or entire procedure! Make sure when you need assistance, it comes from your surgeon and not those in training. As long as you know these facts in advance and consent to it, it is fine. Universities and training programs have clauses in the consent you sign, explaining the participation of their doctors in training. If you are not aware of this nor consent to it, there are ethical issues in regard to your care.If you do not wish to be under such circumstances, make sure it is known to all parties before consenting to proceed.

Birmingham plastic surgeon, Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. is the only one who will perform your entire procedure and manage all your care personally. This Alabama plastic surgeon takes all of your calls after hours and personally rounds on you, even on weekends. There are rare times when he goes on vacation, he still takes his patients’ calls. He makes sure a competent, board certifed plastic surgeon can see you if there was an emergency. You will never be cared for by a doctor in training, nurse, or other surrogate.

Think of this when you are choosing a plastic surgeon in Birmingham. If you want this surgeon to be the only one performing your surgery and caring for you, make sure there are no doctors in training who will be involved in a significant part of your surgery and care.

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