Your Options After Mastectomy

Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

Women who have had a mastectomy typically experience positive emotions when they learn about breast reconstruction options. At my Alabama Breast Cancer Institute, we offer a comprehensive consultation to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding breast reconstruction in Alabama.

I offer two different techniques for reconstructive surgery: autologous and prosthetic reconstruction.

  • Autologous Tissue Reconstruction

This type of surgery uses your own existing tissue to rebuild the breast. I transfer fat and skin from one area of the body (such as the abdomen, buttock, or thighs) to the chest. I often perform a complementary procedure during this procedure, such as a tummy tuck, based on the patient’s desires. Autologous breast reconstruction is a more complex, intricate surgery than reconstruction using breast implants in Birmingham, and it often involves a longer recovery with more downtime. However, the results can be more natural than implant reconstruction.

  • Prosthetic/Implant Reconstruction

Breast implant reconstruction uses silicone or saline implants in place of natural breast tissue. The type of implant chosen depends on an individual’s personal preferences and existing anatomy. My patients often opt for saline implants due to their proven safety record, while others prefer silicone implants because of their natural appearance and feel. This procedure is usually less intensive than autologous reconstruction because there is no donor site. As a result, my patients usually recover more quickly.

At my Institute, we can perform breast reconstruction during or after a mastectomy. Choosing the best option for you requires a thorough consultation with your surgeon to discuss the benefits of each method, including any possible consequences. We take the time needed to fully discuss your options before we perform this highly individualized treatment.

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