Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

Major universities and hospitals tout that they have Comprehensive Breast Centers. They say they offer all of the services women with breast cancer require. These centers usually offer screening, referrals to their physicians including oncologic surgeons, oncologists, and radiologists. There is usually a team of nurses and other employees to guide women throughout the entire process.

Many women state that this is a rather institutionalized approach to breast cancer and often feel they are” being attacked by the white coats”. This is why Birmingham plastic surgeon, Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. has established his CONSUMMATE BREAST CARE concept as part of his Breast Surgery Center of Alabama.  When asked about his concept, Dr. Beckenstein explains; “We offer many services that breast cancer patients have asked for. Through my experience with breast reconstruction patients, in Birmingham, I have learned what services would greatly benefit my cancer patients. We do it in an intimate, family setting as opposed to the intitutional approach. My ALL IN ONE is a same day, fast track consultation process where patients can be seen by every physician involved in their care in one day!” Such services include

  • all surgical, oncologic, reconstructive, and radiological care
  • counseling
  • spiritual guidance
  • spa services 
  • support groups
  • nutrition and excercise programs
  • ALL IN ONE same day process

This unique intimate approach has received outstanding reviews by the women who have experienced it. Dr. Beckenstein has chosen some of the best clinicians in Birmingham to particpate in this concept. The highly favorable ratings received from patients is a tribute to the success of this concept.

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