Crisalix 3D Imaging Enhances Breast Augmentation

Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

For many women planning a breast augmentation at our Birmingham practice, choosing the right breast implant is an important decision. What size should you get? What shape should you choose? How far do you want your breast to project from your chest? Luckily, much of the guesswork is solved with Crisalix 3D imaging.

What is the Crisalix 3D system?

“The Crisalix 3D imaging system enhances our breast augmentation consultations,” said plastic surgeon Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein. “It provides an incredible view of what a patient’s breast surgery result should look like. it is the closest visual we can provide.”

How does Crisalix 3D work?

Crisalix utilizes body scan images to simulate your torso with various breast implants chosen. Through 3D imaging, you can see several views and compare your current appearance with those with implants. A comparison between implants can be made to assist in choosing the right size for you. Take a look at this video to see how the system helps you visualize your results. 

Crisalix also uses VR 4D technology so you can see yourself with implants from the perspective of viewing in a mirror. What is more impressive is that you can look down towards your feet and see your breasts with implants present! It is an amazing visualization.

“It is fun watching women do this for the first time and see their expressions. They always look down, point, and even try to feel them!” said Dr. Beckenstein. “This technology enhances our patient experience, making it more fun. More importantly, it allows them to see what they should look like, which gives them a basis to make sound decisions. This system also provides me with excellent information to make decisions on revision procedures to assist in choosing implant sizes and shapes. This has been an invaluable asset and has improved outcomes in challenging cases.”

“This Crisalix system is not just for breast augmentation; it can simulate all breast surgeries, including breast reductions, breast lifts, augmentation with lifts, and secondary surgeries. You can even show where the scars will be located,” Dr. Beckenstein said. “We use it more and more for our new patients and see how well received it is.”

If you are considering a breast augmentation and you’re in the Montgomery or Birmingham area, request a consultation online or call us at 205-933-9308 or 1-866-MSBMD77.

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