Fat Transfer in Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

The use of performing liposuction and transferring the fat into the breast is becoming more commonplace. While still in it’s infancy, the use of fat for breast enhancement can be performed safely and yield nice results  and is being used frequently in Birmingham breast reconstruction. As a Birmingham plastic surgeon I sometimes use this technique to augment breast reconstruction patients. The addition of fat to the periphery of a breast implant or flap significantly improves the cosmetic result. Eventually with more experience and studies, it MIGHT be possible to reconstruct an entire breast with the use of fat transfer. This would require multiple surgeries and the patient would have to have enough fatty tissue to donate for building the breast.

While it is not currently being used in breast enlargement , surgeons are watching carefully the trials being conducted in other countries and universities to determine how safe and effective it is for breast augmentation. Again, this would require more than one surgery and there would have to be enough fatty tissue to transfer to each breast to reach the desired size. Many women seeking breast enlargement often do not have excess fat to accomplish this.

Right now this  methodology is new, yet it is progessing. It does show promise right now to enhance breast reconstruction and may be of benefit for breast augmentation.

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