Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

The recent FDA panel discussion has concluded that silicone gel implants are safe in that they do not cause cancer or connective tissue diseases. While they recommend continued patient follow up, these devices will remain available for Birmingham breast enhancement patients. Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D., an Alabama plastic surgeon, prefers silicone gel implants for his breast augmentation patients for the following reasons:

  • they provide a more natural feel
  • the failure rates are almost 30% lower than saline implants
  • there is less rippling than saline devices
  • greater variety of sizes available to obtain better results

Dr. Beckenstein states ” I am thrilled that I can continue to use gel implants for my breast enhancement patients I am getting even better results with them. My patient satisfaction surveys are coming back with higher scores since I am using gel implants.” He also stresses to make sure breast augmentation are perfromed by real, board certified plastic surgeons!

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