Keeping Cosmetic Surgery in Birmingham Safe

Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

All Cosmetic surgery procedures have associated complications including death. This is why you have to choose a safe plastic surgeon with good judgement. Recently, an excellent cosmetic surgeon ,in Birmingham, Alabama, performed an outpatient breast reduction on a healthy patient. This patient unfortunately passed away, at home, that evening, from a known complication. Appropriate precautions were taken to prevent it., however she still developed it. If this patient stayed overnight, in the hospital, the developement of this complication might have been diagnosed, and appropriate treatment renedered, poptentially saving her life.  Outpatient plastic surgery is safe and universally accepted, yet staying overnight in a hospital facility is safer. Close monitoring by trained nursing personnel and the cosmetic surgeon maximizes the safety of a plastic surgical procedure. Birmingham plastic surgeon, Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. insists that his Alabama breast reduction patients stay for overnight monitoring. He strongly recommends this for all of his cosmetic surgery patients. ” it is the safest way to go for my patients” he states.

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