Length of Surgery Effects Complications

Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

It is a well known fact that the longer an operation takes the higher risk of complications. With plastic surgery, patients often want to have numerous procedures performed in the same surgery. This can make for operative times of 6-7 hours. Such extended procedures carry increased risks of complications. Montgomery plastic surgeon, Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. is an advocate for safe surgery. ” We have to be safe and look out for our patients, we have to be their advocate, educate, and protect them. It is tempting to continue adding procedures as it increases our revenue, but that temptation must be avoided.” He adds “surgeons often are not aware of the times it takes them to perform procedures and when they combine them, an operation can take over 7 or 8 hours, I see this with Alabama plastic surgery. Hospitals and state boards do not protect patients from this either. If a patient desiring several procedures teams up with a slow surgeon, serious complications can arise. While complications can arise is ANY procedure patients need to minimize the possibilities by making wise choices in their surgeons, facilities, and anesthesia resources.”

The Birmingham plastic surgery practice of Dr.Michael Beckenstein always employs sound safe principles for patients. He has vast experience in the procedures he performs and does so safely, in safe facilities, with safe anesthesia. While he never rushes any procedure, his experience makes it an efficient process that never crosses the threshold for unsafe surgical times! It is up to you the patient to seek out the right surgeon who performs procedures in a safe, efficient manner, in safe facilities. It takes more effort to obtain this information but well worth it!!!

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