Let’s Get Real About Plastic Surgery

Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

feature-breastPlastic surgery is a very popular option for individuals who want to enhance their appearances, and Birmingham plastic surgery patients have a number of great options. However, it’s important to maintain reasonable expectations about your results.

My staff and I are committed to making sure each person is thoroughly educated about his or her procedure. We begin with a comprehensive consultation that involves a methodical, multimedia approach. We also make ourselves available for client questions and make it our goal to respond with the best answer as quickly as possible.

Ensuring Safe Results

Once you decide to have plastic surgery, it’s important to choose a doctor who operates in hospitals and uses certified anesthesiologists. I operate in hospitals because I know that access to trained nurses and other medical professionals is vital to maintaining the highest standards for safety during any surgical procedure.

Also, hospitals offer access to recovery nurses and an optional overnight stay, to maximize safety. We want each prospective patient to be able to make an informed decision and feel confident in us and in the procedure before proceeding.

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