New Law, New Hope

Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

A new law in New York that took effect January 1 requires that hospitals provide breast cancer patients undergoing mastectomies with reconstructive surgery information. As a Birmingham breast augmentation and reconstruction specialist, I am extremely pleased with this initiative.

I have always been a strong believer in patient education. The best way to empower women to make informed medical decisions is to provide them with details about their treatment options. This belief played a key role in my decision to devote the past decade to developing the Alabama Breast Cancer Institute – the new, cancer-focused treatment branch of my Breast Surgery Center. My highly specialized team of oncologists, radiologist, surgeons, and physicians now perform breast cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment, and post-operative care all under the same roof. With this system, I provide women with consultations, diagnostic exams, and testing results in the same day. When it comes to early breast cancer detection, time matters.

Unfortunately, some surgeons do not adequately attend to a patient’s post-operative care. I see women daily at my Breast Surgery Center who had mastectomies at another facility and are now experiencing body image concerns, as well as feelings of loss and self-consciousness. They cannot cope with their post-surgery emotions because they never received the medical support they deserved. At the Alabama Breast Cancer Institute, we offer women physical therapy and counseling to address the physical and psychological effects of breast cancer surgery. Our clinicians are sensitive to the needs of women and fully understand the complex emotional impacts of mastectomy.

Recovering from breast cancer surgery requires a strong support system. At my Alabama Breast Cancer Institute, we offer women just that: complete comprehensive care for a healthy, cancer-free life.

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