Nipple Areolar Tattooing the Way it Should Be

Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

Nipple areolar tattooing is the final stage of breast reconstruction. Many plastic surgeons use micropigmentation or tattooing to reconstruct the nipple areolar, where other still use skin grafting to accomplish this. Dr. Michael Beckenstein, a Birmingham breast reconstruction specialist has written several textbook chapters on this subject. ” Micropigmentation creates the most natural appearing nipple areolar complexes. There is no comparison to the pale looking skin grafts. A good artist can recreate the natural texture of the areola by using a basic principle of art known as trompe d’oeil. He adds” This concept creates the illusion of three dimensions using basic shadowing and highlighting in the right areas”. He employs a certified medical tattoo artist who is well versed in this concept and who receives constant input from Dr. Beckenstein.  This concept was recently reported in magazines as a new approach.” I have been doing this for over 15 years and have trained many using this approach. Some women do not want a reconstructed nipple and opt for only a tattoo. With our technique you can only tell it is micropigmentation by looking at it up close! With new technology and pigments our results are only getting better.”

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