Nipple Sparing : A New and Exciting Era of Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction is Here!

Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

Alabama Breast reconstruction specialist Michael S. Beckenstein is pleased to introduce the concept of Nipple Sparing mastectomy with reconstruction. While he has been performing it for several years, he has teamed up with noted oncologic breast surgeon Dr. Susan Winchester, of Birmingham Breast Care, to perform this in tandem. These two surgeons have worked together for over 15 years and have hundreds of patients that have successfully treated. They have introduced the Alabama Breast Cancer Co-operative. Recently in selected candidates, the mastectomy can now be performed keeping the nipples and areolae intact. The incision is made beneath the breast in the normal fold. This is the only incision and it as well concealed as for a breast augmentation! People, when they see these results are amazed that these are mastectomies and reconstructions and not breast enhancement procedures!

” Not every woman is a candidate for this technique” Dr. Beckenstein cautions, “your breasts have to be of appropriate size, the tumor has to be small enough and far enough from the nipple. Patients need to be young and healthy enough and non-smokers to be considered for this approach. Nipple sparing mastectomy and reconstruction is a great option for thos considering prophylactic mastectomy and reconstruction!”

If you are interested in this approach please contact the Alabama Breast Cancer Cooperative at 205-933-9322 or 1-888-MSBMD77. Birmingham Breast Care 205-930-0806.

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