Real Microneedling is now in Birmingham

Real microneedling is now in Birmingham, Alabama. The popular device known as Dermapen TM has made the ancient concept of microneedling well known to cosmetic practices. Microneedling techniques use small needles to penetrate the epithelial layer of the skin which loosens the mosaic like cells and enable topical agents to penetrate deeper into the skin. These agents can promote healing and regeneration which can restore healthier skin, improve scars, fine wrinkles, and blemishes. Demapen is a hand held battery operated device that has minimal penetration into the skin without the ability of fine control. The results are less than dramatic. What is needed for true  microneedling is a high speed motor driven device which can precisely penetrate the skin layer with consistency.  One such device is the amieamed revive MN it is a precision, high tech device that allows needle hits of up to 150 per second. This precision and variability enables treating all areas of the face and body. Scar treatments are suited for this device as it has a swivel that allows it to conform to irregular contours that are present  around acne and surgical scars. Alabama plastic surgeon Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. used Dermapen and realized it was not sufficient for any form of successful microneedling. He conducted extensive research and found amieamed and the revive MN device. “We have been extremely pleased with the revive MN and it has and continues to exceed our expectations as well as those of my patients. The results we have been seeing especially with surgical hypertrophic scars has been incredible .We are expanding it’s use into cosmetic therapies such as acne scars, fine wrinkles of the face, neck, and chest.” Dr. Beckenstein states, “Other treatments will be even more effective with the revive MN. The needle cartridge has a nice ability to conform around irregularities of the face which allows for uniform precise needling. Other devices have not afforded us the ability to do so.”

In order to provide the highest level of care and safe, successful therapies, Dr. Beckenstein will only seek out the best, most effective devices available. He revolutionized Alabama hair restoration with the introduction of Neograft which has now been incorporated into other practices due to his success with it. He now brings Birmingham microneedling to the next level with the introduction of the Amieamed revive MN and it will most likely be used more frequently in Alabama. Dr. Beckenstein and his staff associates are the most experienced in Alabama with revive MN device and microneedling. The combination of these two high tech devices assure you will receive the highest level of therapy available to you. These are not battery operated devices!

If you are seeking advanced care for microneedling contact us at or 205-933-9308 (1-866-MSBMD77).

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