Plastic Surgery: Not Just for Drastic Changes

Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

Many people falsely believe that men and women choose plastic surgery as a way to drastically alter their appearance. Although plastic surgery can create significant, worthwhile changes, it can also be used for subtle improvements.

At my Birmingham plastic surgery practice, it’s more common for patients to request small alterations than major modifications. For example, I have noticed that female patients are gravitating towards smaller-sized breast implants. In the past, more women chose larger implants to create noticeable cleavage, but today I see more women who want to look proportional and natural. Minimally invasive facial rejuvenation, such as injectable fillers, is in high demand today. The trend these days undoubtedly fits the description “less is more.”

New Techniques for Natural Results

Modern plastic surgery techniques allow for subtler changes that can be tailored to each patient’s unique anatomy. I always spend time getting to know a patient during her consultation so that I can better understand her desired outcome. I’ve learned in my many years of experience that no two people share the same idea of beauty. Then, after evaluating her physical characteristics, I make a customized plan that will enhance her beauty, rather than change it. This is a more challenging and time consuming approach to surgery, as opposed to a “cookie cutter” method, but the satisfaction of my patients is well-worth it.

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