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Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

I am excited to be one of the few plastic surgeons in Birmingham, AL who offers a superior breast implant: the Natrelle® 410 highly cohesive, anatomically shaped silicone implant, also known as a “gummy bear” implant.

Why the “Gummy Bear” Name?

“Gummy bear” is not an official name for these implants; it’s a nickname they’ve garnered over time. Previous generations of breast implants have a consistency like honey or Jell-O®. The Natrelle 410 has been compared to the consistency and feel of a soft gummy bear candy.

Why Should I Choose Natrelle 410 Breast Implants?

The 410 implants offer many benefits:

  • Shape: The average breast naturally has a concave or straight downward slope from the top of the chest to the nipple. The 410 implants, unlike popular round implants, mimic that “teardrop” shape for a natural look. This design also reduces chances of rippling in the breast.
  • Consistency: The 410’s highly cohesive gel means that the implants feel soft yet still maintain their shape, even if cut in half (like a gummy bear). If the implant were to rupture, the breast would maintain its shape and there would be no risk of leakage.
  • Versatility: The 410s come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. All different kinds of women can find the right implant to suit their bodies and their goals.

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