Why is Dr.Beckenstein Offering Permanent Eye brows?

Why is Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D., a Birmingham, Alabama plastic surgeon, offering permanent eye brows and permanent make up to the Birmingham area? ” it makes perfect sense as I have over 20 years experience with micropigmentation techniques for paramedical tattooing” Dr. Beckenstein explains ” I am an experienced hair replacement surgeon who reconstructs eyebrows and I have a thorough undertstanding of the anatomy, aesthetics, and orientation of the hair follicles of the brows. Being a board certified Alabama cosmetic surgeon who reconstructs eyebrows certainly helps as well!” These qualifications should make Dr. Beckenstein’s Alabama  plastic surgery practice a great option for those seeking permanent cosmetics. But he has taken what he offers to an even higher level. ” I was fortunate enough to bring world renowned cosmetic tattooist Andrea Darby in, from Australia,  to train my staff and me in her  techniques in cosmetic tattoing including eyebrows, eyeliner and hair replacement simulation (scalp micropigmentation). Andrea is amazing at what she has accomplished not only artistically, but through the development of the pigments that she uses, the micropigmentation machines, needles, and techniques. She has placed us light years ahead of where we used to be and we will continue to improve what we offer to our Alabama permanent make up patients.”.

What makes Dr. Beckenstein’s practice such an attractive option for permanent make up is that he will treat you with the high level of care as he does his plastic surgery and Birmingham Neograft patients. You will receive extensive education of the entire process of micropigmentation during your consultation. Dr. Beckenstein will recommend what techniques would be suited for you and he and one of his certified paramedical/cosmetic tattoo artists will discuss, in depth, the procedure you choose to proceed with. Your permanent make up procedure will be performed in his state of the art plastic surgery center which is a medical facility where sterile technique and operating room safety is strictly adhered to! ” we pay attention to safety standards as if this was a real surgical procedure to assure our patients safety and assure a good outcome” says Dr. Beckenstein.

With his experience and expertise in hair replacement, eye brow reconstruction, and facial surgery combined with the best practices that he learned form Andrea Darby, Dr. Beckenstein’s practice is a great option for those considering permanent eyebrows and makeup in Birmingham, Alabama. For those interested please contact us at 1-866-MSBMD77 0r 205-933-9322.

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