Birmingham Breast Reduction Saves Lives

Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

Who would think that Birmingham Breast Reduction Saves Lives? Well, it has. Birmingham Plastic surgeon Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. specializes in Alabama breast reduction surgery explains this. ” I have two patients who I performed routine breast reductions on. I always send the breast tissue to pathology for evaluation. One patient was found to have pre malignant cells, known as Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) and the other has Invasive Lobular Carcinoma, true breast cancer. The woman with DCIS was too young to have a screening mammogram at age 27, and had no risk factors. The patient with the invasive cancer has a recent normal mammogram. If these women did not have the breast reduction and we did not send the tissue to pathology for evaluation, they both would have had more progressive disease when it finally manifested itself. This sure could have shortened their lives. You can say the reductions saved them!”

There are certain types of breast cancers that do not always show themselves on mammograms and ultrasounds. One of Dr. Beckenstein’s patients had this lobular type of cancer. Fortunately, she had the breast reduction, and it was a very small, early tumor, that, with mastectomies, will result in an excellent prognosis for her. The 27 year old patient would have had a higher chance of finding an invasive cancer when she was in her thirties or forties, that might have had a poor prognosis.  These two patients demonstrate the scarier aspects of breast cancer; those that are not readily detectable with routine screening, and those that occur in younger patients.

Fortunately for these women, they had a breast reduction and the tissue was sent to pathology. ” I always send breast tissue to pathology, even for cosmetic breast surgery, because you never know what might be found. No matter the cost to them. These two women will attest to the importance of this!” Stated Dr. Beckenstein. For more information on Birmingham Breast surgery please visit us at or contact us at 205-933-9308/1-866-MSBMD77.


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