Dr. Beckenstein Says, “Hair Today Gone Tomorrow!”

“Hair today gone tomorrow!” is what Dr. Beckenstein says. He introduced a revolutionary hair replacement procedure to the Birmingham hair loss community five years ago: NeoGraft. NeoGraft changed how hair restoration is practiced, and today, Dr. Beckenstein continues to find and add new hair loss treatments to what he offers his patients.

Dr. Beckenstein said, “We offer the latest technology, techniques, and treatments available to patients. I have contacts with researchers in the hair restoration field and I have exclusive access to these new items. I always make sure they are safe and effective before I give my patients access to them. You will always have the latest, innovative therapies. I always smile when I see other businesses offering hair loss treatments finally using what I have found a year or so earlier!”

Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. is a well known plastic surgeon in Birmingham, who has developed a reputation for excellent, compassionate care. His Birmingham hair restoration practice is no different. He says, “I have patients, so unlike other hair clubs, spas, and fitness businesses, you are treated as an esteemed and valued patient, not like a client or customer! There is an amazing difference in this approach. Patient care means an artistic, yet scientific level of care.”

Dr. Beckenstein’s Alabama hair loss practice offers all aspects of hair restoration therapy. As Dr. Beckenstein put it, “We can keep your hair, grow your hair, restore your hair, and even tattoo it if you don’t have any! We are with you through thick and thin!”

Dr. Beckenstein wants everyone to remember those three possibilities, and help them restore what they believe is irreversible balding. He says, “We have individualized treatment plans for both men and women of any age.” Those wishing to obtain more information about hair loss and treatment options visit our NeoGraft page or contact us at 1-866-msbmd77.

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