The Top 4 Reasons People Get Plastic Surgery

Dr. Michael S. Beckenstein

There are a lot of reasons patients decide to get cosmetic procedures, but I would bet that the most experienced plastic surgeons in Birmingham and around the U.S. would come to a consensus on the top few reasons that they’ve seen over and over again. Is yours on the list?

1. Signs of age: This is perhaps the motive most associated with plastic surgery. Because the aging process is so gradual, it’s not always easy to recognize it in ourselves. But sometimes, seeing an old photo or hearing an offhand comment made by a long-lost relative can prompt us to take a closer look. Many of my patients say that their looks just don’t match how they feel inside.

2. Post-baby changes: Welcoming a baby into the world is one of life’s most cherished experiences, and it can change a woman’s body as much as it changes her life. Though getting back in shape is a process, some women are unsatisfied with how they look months or even years after childbirth. Many times, the changes women want to address cannot be corrected with diet and exercise. Because of this, mommy makeovers, which are combinational surgeries that often include liposuction, tummy tucks, and breast lifts, have soared in popularity in recent years.

3. Social media: In today’s world, social media is responsible for a lot more than reconnecting us with high school sweethearts. We’re constantly being bombarded with images, both of ourselves and others. In this kind of environment, it’s hard not to make comparisons to our friends or even our younger selves. The world is simply more visual than it used to be, and this can compel many people to pursue cosmetic improvements.

4. Life changes: For some, a fresh start can be the catalyst for cosmetic surgery. Some seek a procedure to help them compete with younger rivals in the job market, while others choose to undergo surgery after a divorce. Sometimes new beginnings in our lives can prompt a new beginning for how we look, too.

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