Top 5 Tips for Best Mommy Makeover Results

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Getting mommy makeover surgery at our Birmingham, AL, practice represents an investment of both time and money for women who believe it’s worth the stunning, transformative results. The surgery restores their confidence after having children or losing significant weight.

Once a patient sees the outcome of a mommy makeover procedure, she’s motivated to take the necessary steps to ensure long-lasting results. These tips involve both short-term actions during the recovery process as well as lifestyle changes that can become lifelong habits.

A mommy makeover typically combines a tummy tuck and liposuction with cosmetic breast surgery, such as a breast lift and breast augmentation. Each of my Birmingham patients has unique needs, however, and the procedure may include other surgical or nonsurgical procedures.

Here are 5 tips that can help you maintain the results of your mommy makeover:

  1. Closely follow your surgeon’s post-op instructions: Getting enough rest is something you’ll hear from every plastic surgeon after a mommy makeover, and for good reason—it’s critical for the healing process. Additionally, wearing the Spanx®-type compression garment on the abdomen as instructed not only helps reduce swelling but also creates smoother contours and tighter skin. Wearing support bras also helps the breasts heal and prevents sagging after a breast lift (with or without implants). It’s also important to avoid exercising too early, even if you feel okay. Trying to do too much, too soon compromises the lasting results.
  2. Lead a healthy lifestyle: Being active, exercising regularly, and consuming a nutritious diet are good ideas for everyone. This also includes quitting smoking. Smoking cigarettes takes a severe toll on the skin. For people who undergo mommy makeover surgery, leading a healthy lifestyle is an excellent way to maintain the results for years. Just remember to wear a quality support bra during exercise to help prevent breast tissue from stretching.
  3. Avoid weight fluctuations: This is related to maintaining a regular exercise routine and healthy eating habits. Cycles of weight gain and loss stretch the skin and make it less and less elastic. This not only affects the abdominal area after a tummy tuck but also the breasts. Gaining 15 pounds or more, for example, enlarges the breasts and stretches the tissue, causing the breasts to sag prematurely.
  4. Don’t plan to have additional children: As you can imagine, getting pregnant after a mommy makeover will often undo the changes made by the surgery.
  5. Choose a plastic surgeon with experience performing combination procedures: This is probably the most important component of having your results last for years. A mommy makeover is a complex surgery that involves careful planning and excellent surgical techniques. I’ve performed hundreds of mommy makeovers during my career and there really is no substitute for the knowledge that comes with experience.

If you’re frustrated because your post-baby body hasn’t bounced back the way you’d like, use the online form to request a consultation to meet personally with me and discuss your concerns. Or call our practice at (205) 933-9308 to schedule an appointment.

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